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        SCREWS                                          NUTS                                              WASHERS


        Captive Screws                                   Acorn (Cap) Nuts                             Bellevelle Washer

        Concrete Screws                                Captive Nuts                                     Conical Washers

        Deck Screws                                      Expansion (Anchors)                         External Tooth

        Drywall Screws                                   Finished Hex Nuts                             Fenderwashers

        Jack Screws                                       Hex Machine Screw Nuts                  Fibre Washers

        Machine Screws                                 Jam Nuts                                           Flat Washers

        Miniature Screws                                K-locknuts (Keps)                            Hard Washers

        Particle Board Screws                         Nut Retainers                                    Internal Tooth

        Sems Screws                                        (“U”, “J”, “G” & Flat)                      Int/Ext Tooth 

        Set Screws                                         Nylon Insert Locknuts                       Nylon Washers

        Socket Cap Screws                            Pal Nuts                                            Rivet Washers

        Tapping Screws                                  Push-On-Nuts                                   SAE Washers

          (type “a”, “ab” & “b”)                                                                                Shim Washers

        Tek (self drilling)                                                                                          Shoulder Washer

        Thread Cutting Screws                                                                                 Split Lockwasher

          (type 1, 23, 25 & “F”)                                                                               Spring Washers

        Thread Forming Screws                                                                               USS Washers

        Threaded Studs                                                                                           

        Thumb Screws                                                                                             ELEC. Supply

        U Drive Screws                                 

        Weld Screws                                      Self–Threading Nuts                          Spacers

        Wing Screws                                      Serrated Flange (Wiz-Lock)              Wire Ties

        Wood Screws                                     Slotted & Castle Nuts                        Standoffs

                                                                  Speed Nuts (U, J, G)                         Wire Terminals

       BOLTS                                            Tee-Nuts                                          

        Blade Bolts                                         Thumb Nuts                                      RIVET, PINS

        Carriage Bolts                                     Weld Nuts                                         Cotter Pins

        Elevator Bolts                                     Wing Nuts                                         Blind Rivets

        Grade (2, 5 & 8)                                 Wire Nuts                                         Nail & Spikes

        Stainless Bolts (304 & 316)                                                                         Tubular Rivets

        Socket Head Cap Screws                   FITTINGS                                      

        Step Bolts                                           Air Couplings                                    DRILLS

                                                                  Brass Fittings                                     Drill Bits       

        CLAMPS                                          Grease Fittings                                   Hack Sawblade

        Banding Clamps                                  Hi Pressure Fittings                            Hole Sawblade

        Hose & Cable Clamps                        Pipe/ Black & Galv.                           Sabre Sawblade