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DS Sales & Service provides a service of supplying quality hardware at competitive prices. We can create a custom service for you to optimize your business time, product and expenses. We have 25 years of experience; let us help you.

The Right Fasteners at the Right Price.

Providing a service of quality products and competitive prices.  We handle a wide range of products, both standard and non.  We can access thousands of manufacturing firms world wide to bring you the best value for your needs. Our common sense approach can guide you to off the shelf standards that are less expensive than custom designs. Just give us a try!

Give Us A Try!

Give us a try! The worst thing that we will say is NO! And there is no limit to the positive things that we can offer to solve your fastener opportunities!


Just ask for Dennis (909) 594-1105 or FAX us at (909)444-5896

Serving Southern California and the world!

Nuts, Washers, Bolts, Screws, Sockets, Wire Terminals, Ties, Standoffs, Spacers

Fittings, Hose, Hose Clamps, Pins, Rivets, Tools, Drills, Connectors, Couplings

Various Metals, Finishes, Sizes in both American and Metric Sizes (even specials)

             Surplus Deals available!

  6-32 x 3/8 Phil Pan Taptite Stainless Machine Screws (over 110,000)

 8 x 1 Phil Pan "B"(blunt Point) Sheet Metal Scews Black Oxide (over 100,000)

 1/4 - 20 x 3 "J" bolts Stainless (1" id radius) over 3,000 available

 3/8 - 16 x 1 Hex Bolts, Nuts & Lockwasher in Black Oxide and Zinc are available


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